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Help to Guerrero, Mexico: Families without home or food.


The last days in Mexico were natural disasters that hit the area leaving hundreds of families homeless and without food.

We are bringing aid to this area.








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About us


We are a foundation that builds orphanages in Latin America for children in situations of abandonment, abuse or orphanhood. An organization concerned with helping in areas of extreme poverty.


We have worked in Mexico since 1999, with the name of Fundación Amor y Servicio, A.C. where we have been helping thousands of poor people and orphans with the orphanage "La Casa del Niño" in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Today we want to extend this work to Latin America, building orphanages and bringing aid to areas of extreme poverty, and all the possible assistance and help to mothers and people with serious diseases.

“We believe that poverty doesn't exist; what exist is greed”

We want to share with you this vision of love and service, for many who are suffering at this time, be helped and overcome their situation. Give them a Destiny with Hope.

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